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Soil Treatment Centres

In response to these increasing pressures, initiatives are afoot within the contaminated land industry to establish and operate Soil Treatment Centres (STCs) that will complement the practice of landfilling materials.

Active Chemical Production Site in South Wales

HBR have recently completed the first phase of a remediation project at an active chemical production site at Barry, South Wales for St. Modwen. The works comprised an in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) approach to remediate soils and groundwater impacted with elevated concentrations of phenol, formaldehyde and BTEX compounds.

In-Situ Biodegradation Study

In order to re-evaluate design parameters for an in-situ soils and groundwater project for a major petroleum company, HBR undertook a novel approach for assessing the potential of the sub-surface to biodegrade hydrocarbon contamination to below site-specific target levels agreed with the Regulator.

Arjo Wiggins Factory Site

The site was formerly used in the manufacture of thermal papers, had become contaminated with metalliferous mercury, zinc and asbestos. Site remediation was primarily driven by high ground water vulnerability.

Tannery and Penpoll Site

The remediation of the contaminated site between Hawthorne Road and the Leeds Liverpool Canal was to enable the future development of 177 homes, retail units and public open space in the area.

Royal Albert Basin

The site comprised of five separate areas totalling circa 100 acres of land contaminated by previous uses as inter alia, a dump for gas works wastes, oil storage and distribution, paint production, coal storage, petroleum wharfage etc.