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Soil Treatment Centres

  • 27-06-2012

Soil Treatment Centres extend reach of remediation market..

All materials disposed to landfill in the reclamation of contaminated land will cease to be exempt from Landfill Tax (LFT) at the end of March 2012 and the following day, the standard rate of LFT will rise up the escalator to £64/tonne.

In response to these increasing pressures, initiatives are afoot within the contaminated land industry to establish and operate Soil Treatment Centres (STCs) that will complement the practice of landfilling materials.

STCs are bespoke facilities, often with widely differing capacities and capabilities that reflect the level of investment by the service provider. However, all are designed to treat materials to reduce their hazardous properties (thereby enabling their reclassification) and/or maximise the proportion of useable materials that are sold back to the construction market. 

A common strategy within the STC sector has been their deployment at operational landfill sites.  Here, STCs are licensed either through a bespoke permit or an operator's Environmental Permit (formerly Mobile Plant Licence) with waste streams accepted into the STC for treatment.  Recovered volumes are resold back to the market and residual volumes placed directly within the appropriate cell or used as daily cover or for restoration purposes as appropriate.

The growing network of STCs across the UK is lessening the barriers to development, especially on smaller sites where the effective use of on-site treatment solutions is constrained.  Using our experience of providing successful complex treatment-train solutions on blue chip projects, HBR Ltd is currently negotiating strategic partnering arrangements to supply and operate STCs at a number of locations around the UK, commencing in 2012.

HBR will be offering standard and augmented bioremediation techniques, alongside bespoke soils washing, complex sorting, chemical oxidation and soils stabilisation approaches, on a campaign basis to deliver a wide spectrum of robust solutions, thereby maximising the volume of material that can be accepted from and returned to the marketplace. All interested parties should contact HBR Ltd on 01787 223 131.

Photo shows HBR Soil Treatment Centre operations within a former industrial park in East London (2007-2009) for the Olympic Park of the London 2012 Olympic Games.

soil treatment remediation process