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Live Pharmaceutical Works

Case Study - Live Pharmaceutical Works

Contract In Brief:  
Location:                Client: Managing Consultant:           
South East England                             Confidential   ARCADIS
HBR Role: Contract Start:                             Contract Period:
Principal Contractor Feb 2012 18 months
Contract Value:  
HBR Site Management    
Contracts Manager: Site Manager: Technical Manager: 
Jeysen Mootien Steve Nichols  James Wilson
Services Included:     
Bioremediation ü Stabilisation ü Complex Sorting ü
Soils Washing ü In-situ soils & groundwater ü  

Project Summary:

HBR are undertaking extensive in-situ multi-technology “treatment-train” remediation works on a live pharmaceutical production facility in the south-east of England, as part of the Client’s master divestment plan for the site. 

Strict remediation criteria are to be reached for a host of chlorinated solvent compounds and hydrocarbons, including chloroform, chlorobenzene, cis-1,2-dichloroethene, ketoprofen, amphetamine, trichloroethene, toluene, and carbofuran. 

The works, which are being undertaken within 3 discrete areas of the site, incorporate further characterisation and delineation of residual NAPL and dissolved phase plumes; shallow bulk mass removal; groundwater pumping; soil vapour extraction; soil flushing; in-situ chemical oxidation; and validation monitoring. 

All HBR working methods, health and safety protocols and contingency plans were developed to meet the strict quality standards imposed by the client prior to mobilisation of equipment to site.

Remediation Works:

Works commenced with the delineation of solvent DNAPL and the bulk removal of impacted materials from site using trench-box excavation methods to 4.5m bgl. The works were subject to continued air and vapour sampling and an active odour suppression ring main operation to protect site users. 

Pump and treat mass recovery was commenced in other areas in tandem with SVE to remove volatile mass from the near surface smear zone.  Continued performance monitoring of each system was used to determine phase completion and commencement of follow-on soil-flushing and in-situ chemical oxidation (ISCO) injection works to target and destroy the limited residual mass within saturated soils. All treatment and monitoring works were performed and managed using in-house plant and resources, which included: - 

¨ ATEX rated containerised P&T and SVE systems fitted with critical safety equipment and telemetry monitoring/control;

¨ Mobile continuous mixing ISCO injection rig, with in-line instrumentation and pressure-limiting fail-safe devices for delivery at up to 6 injection points, to maximise treatment efficiencies across varied ground conditions.

 Live Pharmaceutical Works

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