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Capturing CO2 for Environmental Remediation

In 2009, the Department of Energy (DOE) awarded $17.4 million in funding to a gaggle of companies pursuing practical uses for carbon dioxide.  The recipients were asked to kick in a total of $7.7 million.  A year later in 2010, the DOE picked six projects to a second round of support totaling $82.6 million. 

Industrial giant Alcoa, Inc.  leads one of the winning groups, including partners U.S. Nels, CO2 Solutionsand Strategic Solutions.  The DOE gave the Alcoa team $13.5 million to complete a pilot project for flue gas capture and conversion to a useful product.

The project is dependent upon a new in-duct scrubber technology to capture and treat flue gas.  The technology is being tested at an aluminum manufacturing process.  A by-product of aluminum production is alkaline clay or bauxite residue.  The project will combine the flue gas with enzymes and this alkaline clay and turn out a mineral-rich soil mix that can be used for environmental remediation.

The pilot is also dependent upon the effectiveness of special enzymes produced by CO2 Solutions and its partner Codexis  -  carbonic anhydrase enzymes to be exact.  The enzymes are supposed to decrease the cost of the CO2 capture step.  Carbon dioxide and water converts to bicarbonate anyway, but the enzymes dramatically speed up the process.

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