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Remediation Industry Generates over 8 Billion Dollars in Revenues in the US

The U.S. remediation market grew a modest 2.8% in 2012, generating revenues of $8.07 billion, according to comprehensive annual research conducted by Environmental Business International Inc., the publisher of Environmental Business Journal.

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Of the total U.S. remediation market, 64% of revenues were generated by Remediation/Construction work, with Assessments & RI/FS*, Remedial Design, and Closure & Monitoring comprising the remainder.

Growth in the remediation business has been picking up steadily since 2009, averaging 2-3% a year and gaining momentum with the economic recovery, which has primarily revived the private and non-regulatory remediation markets. Improvements in private sector opportunities are helping to assuage concerns about the slowing federal remediation market.

'What keeps the cleanup contracting community up at night is budget cuts, already enacted and potentially yet to come,' said EBJ Senior Editor George Stubbs. 'The impacts include delays in task orders and the possibility that the 'sequestration' package of budget cuts that took effect in March will lead to furloughs and thus slow down progress at cleanup sites.'

Nonetheless, the remediation market is expected to continue an upward trajectory, with growth forecast to approach 4% in 2014, according to EBJ’s 2013 Survey of Remediation Companies, Markets, and Technologies, published in the 2013 Remediation Market edition of EBJ.

Liability, sustainability and other remediation trends

Remediation is one of 14 environmental industry segments tracked by EBJ since 1988. EBJ’s detailed annual coverage of the U.S. remediation market highlights trends and opportunities in this mature environmental industry segment:

'Liability disclosure is currently a push factor in getting contaminated sites through the pipeline,' observed Stubbs. 'In the absence of new regulatory drivers, major companies in power, oil & gas, mining, manufacturing and other sectors are shaping their cleanup programs around financial disclosure requirements and looking to remove their liabilities from the books.'

While the brownfields redevelopment market isn't what it was prior to the recession, remediation related to brownfields is steadily recovering from the worst of the real estate bubble.

Another legitimate segment of today's remediation industry is the 're-opener' business, with reassessment for vapor intrusion as a common trigger, noted Stubbs.

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